Improving the Productivity of UMKM Layer Farmers with Automatic Sorting Tools by Edufarmers and DTMM FT UI

31 Jan 2023

Layer farming Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - MSMEs (UMKM) in Indonesia face challenges in increasing optimization and efficiency. Farmers require 2-3 hours per day to collect, sort, count, and weigh eggs. The many steps involved in producing eggs result in low productivity. Layer farmer productivity in Indonesia remains far below the average of competing countries such as China, America, and India.


Therefore, Edufarmers and a team from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia's Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (DTMM FT UI) developed an automatic egg sorting machine for farmers. With an automatic labeling scheme, the goal is to increase UMKM's productivity, optimization, and work efficiency in producing eggs.


“We see that the condition of UMKM of farmers in the field is still labor-intensive. Therefore, with Edufarmers, we designed this tool to increase the productivity of farmers and increase the value of eggs produced through an automatic labeling scheme,” said Dr. Jaka Fajar Fatriansyah as the Head of Community Service Team of DTMM FTUI.


The automatic egg sorter was first tested at Agrova Farm, Bogor, West Java in December 2022. The automatic egg sorting tool works by sorting eggs based on their weight with three different grades. The result of egg sorting produces 6,000 eggs per hour or twice as many as the conventional method, increasing farmer productivity.


Ignatius Egan Jonatan as Head of Product from Edufarmers hopes that the automatic egg sorting machine can help the productivity of egg farmers in easily accessible conditions.


“This grading tools machine innovated by the team is a local product that is not yet widely available in the market. Previously, if a farmer wanted an egg sorter, usually they had to import it, and it was expensive and difficult for them to afford. We think the results of this innovation from FTUI can fill the gaps in the market,” said Egan.

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