What We Do

Plaza Bertani

Start from 2024, Edufarmers develop a program to embrace regenerative farming for agricultural sustainability through Plaza Bertani Program. Plaza Bertani is strategically designed to empower farmers with the knowledge and skill to navigate the challenges of modern agriculture, particularly those posed by climate change.

Program Objectives

5000+ farmers came to Plaza Bertani and 30% boost in farmers' knowledge following our comprehensive training sessions.

75% of participants will implement Regenerative Agriculture practices based on our meticulously developed SOPs that crafted to mitigate climate-related risks, ensuring that farmers are not only prepared but also proactive in their responses to environmental challenges.

8/10 farmer want to recommend other farmers to come.

Main Activities

Demonstration Research Plot

Farmers Field School (FFS)

Farmers Knowledge Exchange Forum

Sustainability Result


  • Develop curriculum materials for Agricultural training programs and current research topics. 
  • Leveraging academic expertise and resources.

F a r m e r s

  • Improving knowledge, implementation of GAP, and increasing productivity.

  • Addressing specific farming challenges and interests.


  • Work with Plaza Bertani to help farmers navigate regulatory requirements.

  • Extension services to disseminate information and resources effectively.

Private Companies

  • Optimize agricultural value chains, from production to distribution.
  • Facilitate marketing and distribution channels for agricultural inputs and products.

Call for Partnership

Let's partner with us to empower farmers and youth in agriculture. Together, we create opportunities for growth sustainability in agriculture!

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