6 Trending Agritech in Indonesia

07 Feb 2022

1. TaniHub

Tanihub is a platform that provides convenience for its consumers to obtain necessities from vegetables, fruit, fish to basic needs directly from Indonesian farmers. So far, they have managed to cooperate with 50,000 Indonesian farmers.

2. Crowde

This fintech startup supports and empowers farmers across Indonesia by providing access to technological capital.

3. Aruna Indonesia

Aruna Indonesia is a digital startup committed to being present to develop a fisheries ecosystem from upstream to downstream. The main target of Aruna itself is to create a fishery ecosystem and a fair trade in marine products.

4. Eden Farm

Since 2017, Eden Farm has supported Indonesian farmers in distributing fresh vegetable products in restaurants and cafes. A platform that can help connect Indonesian farmers directly with business owners.


By farmers to farmers. A platform founded by farmers with a determination to help other shrimp farmers understand their cultivation conditions with the help of technology. Develop various products with sensors and have a cloud-based database. These tools can help farmers measure their expenses!

6. eFishery

Efishery intends to meet the world's food demands through aquaculture, provide affordable technology to address fundamental issues in the aquaculture industry, and reduce social and economic inequality with an inclusive digital economy.


written by Eskavia Hanif Putri


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