Agrinnovation Conference

The Rise of Agritech to Enhance Food Security

For the first time, Edufarmers held the largest agritech conference in Indonesia with the theme "The Rise of Agritech to Enhance Food Security" on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. The Agrinnovation Conference was met with great enthusiasm, with over 2300 registered participants and more than 800 attendees and 30+ start-ups from all around Indonesia. 

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Event Objectives

Connect: Connecting various stakeholders in agriculture

Inspire: Inspiring collaboration in overcoming agricultural and food security issues through accelerating technology adoption.

Empower: Empowering future agritech leaders.

What will you get?

Get Proven Strategies & Insights during panel discussion on Main Stage

Get exposure on the main stage during Startup Highlights

Showcase Your Product at Agritech Village


What they say about Agrinnovation Conference 2023

Rohit Chandwani
National Head Of Operation at Jiva (Speaker)

It was an honor for me to share ideas at the Agrinnovation Conference in Jakarta on Wednesday, 15 March 2023. It was a great experience to meet up with many start-up founders, learn about the innovative ways in which they are solving the problems of smallholders, and share about Jiva's "phygital" approach - the harmony of physical and digital - in technology adoption. Thank you Edufarmers for inviting me.

Andrew S
Co-Founder & CEO at Eratani (Speaker)

It was an honor to be able to share Eratani's contribution towards the agricultural industry in Agrinnovation Conference. We were so happy for the chance to discuss and share our knowledge with our agriculture buddies Yohanes Sugihtononugroho, Furqonuddin Ramadhani, moderated by Ayu . So glad that we could talk about accessibility and technology in the industry, the two main obstacles which are responsible for the disruption in Indonesian Agriculture. It was a very mind-opening, insightful, and fun panel discussion! Shout out to Edufarmers for holding such a wonderful event!


On March 15th, our CEO & Founder, Dwi Sasetyaningtyas, moderated one of the panels at the Agrinnovation Conference on a session about Growing an Alternative Protein Business in Indonesia. Together with three great speakers: Max Mandias from Green Rabel Foods, Widya Putra from Meatless Kingdom, and Raja from Arummi Foods. Tyas led them to discuss their stories of when they started the journey and the challenges of building alternative protein business in Indonesia. It was an honor for Sustaination to be part of Agrinnovation Conference 2023. We humbly thank Edufarmers for an outstanding and inspirational event to learn about Indonesia's agricultural landscape, challenges, and opportunities.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Agrinnovation Conference?

The conference aims to inspire and connect all stakeholders in Indonesia’s agriculture sector, embracing youth and women, empowering the agricultural ecosystem, and highlighting innovation and technology development through digital transformation. We hope that this conference will inspire many young inventors and entrepreneurs to make a difference in the agriculture industry.

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