What We Do

Cooperatives and Financing

In fostering cooperatives, and crafting financial strategies targeted at supporting small-scale farmers, there is a strategic collaboration with lenders. This collaboration extends to employing blended finance, a method that combines public, private, and philanthropic funding sources to address developmental challenges. Blended finance endeavors to optimize resource allocation and mitigate risks, enhancing the accessibility of financial assistance to smallholder farmers. 

Program Objectives

Foster cooperatives to empower small-scale farmers, enhancing their bargaining power, access to resources, and knowledge sharing.

Create financial plans designed for smallholders to help them get affordable credit, investment capital, and financial services, encouraging sustainable farming practices.

Help smallholder farmers reach markets and add value through cooperative efforts, boosting profits and competitiveness.

Apply risk reduction plans and encourage community growth via cooperative networks, backing innovation, technology adoption, and poverty reduction.


Empowering smallholder farmers

Increase their access to resources and markets

Promoting sustainable practices

Fostering innovation

Contributing to community development and poverty alleviation

Call for Partnership

Let's partner with us to empower farmers and youth in agriculture. Together, we create opportunities for growth sustainability in agriculture!

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