With Support from Google.org

Towards a better food security in Indonesia

We are thrilled to announce that Google.org, a renowned philanthropic organization owned by Google, is extending its support to Edufarmers. Through a generous grant of US$724,490, Google.org is joining hands with us to enhance food security in Indonesia. 

Our Objectives:

Research and Development Advancement

Skill Enhancement through Educational Modules

Soft Skills Empowerment

People Engagement and Technology Adoption

Our Impact

626 youth empowered

2660 farmers empowered

13 research topics

5 learning modules

14 videos collaborated with national youtuber

>123K(hours) total watch time

>1.2 million total unique viewers

Our Initiatives

Conducting research and learning activities

Edufarmers have set up several research centers in different locations in Indonesia for various commodities. As of November 2023, Edufarmers has conducted 24 agronomic experiments to continuously improve the productivity and quality of harvests sustainably.

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Creating education platform

To broaden our impact, Edufarmers is in the process of developing a dedicated online platform for farmers called the Edufarmers Learning Center (ELC).
ELC Online is designed to be the most up-to-date and trusted source of agriculture technical information that can be accessed publicly for free.

Implementing soft skills program for youth and farmers

With support from Google.org, Edufamers will be improving the productivity of small-scale farmers in Indonesia and empowering the youth to actively contribute to the advancement of the agricultural sector by enhancing their skills in the field.

Learn more about the Bertani untuk Negeri program

Organizing Agrinnovation Conference

Agrinnovation conference brings together all stakeholders of domestic agriculture sector, where the participants can discuss innovation, get exposure, and build a network in Indonesia. 
Are you interested in growing your business and knowledge of the agriculture industry? This event is for you!

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Call for Partnership

Let's partner with us to empower farmers and youth in agriculture. Together, we create opportunities for growth sustainability in agriculture!

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