Bertani Untuk Negeri

Bertani Untuk Negeri (Farming for The Nation) program wants to create the next generation leaders in the agriculture sector.

Since 2020, we have conducted five batches of Bertani Untuk Negeri programs. The program has assisted farmers in Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Central Sulawesi. More than 500 agriculture students and graduates from more than 111 universities in Indonesia registered in each batch. Aside from broiler, layer, horticulture, and maize commodities, we will expand our commodities to coffee, cacao, aquaculture, and livestock farming in the future.

Program Activities

Graduates develop a working knowledge of developing and running organizations through a mini-MBA taught by experts and business development projects for the farmers

Farmers learn better agricultural practices and community leadership through Sekolah Lapang (Farmers Field School – FFS) inspired methodology

Graduates develop practical problem solving and leadership skills required to succeed in the workplace by working alongside farmers to achieve clear targets

Benefits of The Program

We are improving the livelihood of farmers through increased income caused by increased productivity.

Instill the love and enthusiasm of young people towards the world of agriculture.

Improve the skills and competencies of young people to perfect the modern era as professionals and entrepreneurs.

More information?

Contact us through or 0812-1035-8669

Hire Our Best Alumni

Bertani Untuk Negeri participants are trained intensively for 6 months.

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