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Bertani Untuk Negeri

Since 2020, Bertani Untuk Negeri has been implemented for 7 batches and has educated hundreds of farmers, livestock breeders, and young people. Bertani Untuk Negeri program has been conducted in 7 different provinces and has been attended by 1,137 young people and 3,634 supported farmers. The agricultural commodities include chili, maize, cocoa, coffee, layer, and broiler.

Program Objectives

Mobilizing the young generation of Indonesia to collaborate with farmers in transferring knowledge and technology to enhance the productivity of the farmers

Farmers can learn, innovate, and adopt more optimal and efficient management practices

Farmers gain easier access to capital and markets to improve their productivity

Benefits of The Program

Improving the welfare of farmers through increased income resulting from improved productivity

Instilling love and enthusiasm among the younger generation for the world of agriculture

Enhancing the skills and competencies of the younger generation to better adapt to the demands of the modern era, both as professionals and entrepreneurs

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What They Say about BUN

Arnia Nofitri
Andalas University - Broilers Chicken

My name is Arnia Nofitri from Universitas Andalas, would like to thank Edufarmers International Foundation for organizing the Bertani Untuk Negeri program. This program allows me to directly experience onsite field work and acknowledge the twist and turn of the farmers at the field. As a participant of BUN Batch 5 broiler, I gain a lot of lessons and experience from preparing and providing the material to sharing it to the farmers. For that, I am proud to be in this program.

Maize Farmer

It’s been very helpful. The FDA facilitate and support us with the maize cultivation process. This activity gives me knowledge on how to conduct good fertilization practices and pest control. I also know how to create a proper spacing now. The theory and material presented by the FDA is very helpful and complimentary to the experience that we got.

Mellyana Ari Maharani
Brawijaya University - Layer Chicken

I am honored and delighted to be able to participate as one of the FDA in Bertani Untuk Negeri Batch 5. During this program, I gain a lot of insight and experience from great farmers and seniors who are experts in poultry farming. There are so many things that I’ve been able to do now. Most importantly, I can expand my network with so many great people, get a new family, and improve my quality to be much better. I got a lot of great things here and I certainly won't be able to get them anywhere else.

Broiler Chicken Farmer

This program gives us a place to share our thoughts and insights on broiler. And for that, I would like to say thank you. What’s more, some of the initiatives also helped us to improve our performance back at farm. Kudos for Bertani Untuk Negeri!

University of Muslim Indonesia - Horticulture

I’m proud to be part of Bertani Untuk Negeri Batch 5 Horticulture program because it is a valuable experience especially for us students. This program allows me to improve my potential, gain insights and new experience that bring me together with great personnel who fortunately become my new family. Being in a new environment and new community also give me the opportunity to flourish. Thank you, BUN Batch 5.

Horticulture Farmer

BUN Batch 5 Program really helps us farmers because the students directly involve with us at farm to see the actual condition and exchange information on agriculture. This program also helps us farmers to find ideas and solution when facing issues onsite.

Yosima Veronika
Bengkulu University - Maize

Bertani Untuk Negeri Program allows me to improve myself and explore a lot of new things. I gain both hard skills and soft skills which I didn’t get at college. I do enjoy every moment in this program from interacting with farmers, conducting field work, and many other things. I felt that after this program, I became more responsible and mature than before.

Imam Makrus
Layer Chicken Farmer

This program really helped me and add to my insight regarding the importance of maintaining hygiene in within the cage area. The fast response from FDA to help us find the right solution when a priblem occurs gave me a peace of mind. Thank you, BUN program. I hope that this program will be much more successful to promote farms in Indonesia.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Where is the program location?

Bertani Untuk Negeri batch 8 are for FDA position (Farmers Associate Development) for four commodities: Coffee (Silangit, North Sumatera), Chili (Cianjur, West Java), Maize (Palu, Central Sulawesi), and Cocoa (Palu, Central Sulawesi) and Project Specialist for Cocoa Development Program (Pangkep, Tarengge & Luwu Raya, Sulawesi Selatan). 

When are Bertani Untuk Negeri open for registration? 

Registration for Bertani Untuk Negeri batch 8 are open until 31st December 2023 on linktr.ee/bertaniuntuknegeri and bit.ly/MBKMKemdikbud-DaftarBUN8

  • Online Registration via Edufarmers and MBKM: 13th November 2023 - 31st December 2023

  • Document Selection: 20th December 2023 - 3rd January 2024

  • Cognitive Test and Focus Group Discussion (FGD): 4th - 17th January 2024

  • Final Result Announcement: 21st - 26th January 2024

  • Administration Checking: 27th - 31st January 2024

  • Kick-off program: 27th - 31st January 2024

  • Departure to Commodity Area: 1st - 15th March 2024

Program period: 16th February 2024 - 30th June 2024

Who can join on BUN program? 
  • An active undergraduate student (D3/D4/S1) under the Kemendikbudristekdikti minimum will be entering 6th semester.

  • Students from agriculture, plantations, or related majors.

  • Have a strong commitment and willing to be placed in the area of commodities for five months. 

  • Have a strong motivation to develop the agriculture industry in Indonesia.

  • Have organizational experience, especially as coordinator/head of division.

  • Have work or internship experience it will be plus

  • Able to communicate and build good relationships with villagers especially farmers.

  • Able to take initiative and work independently.

​​​​​What documents should students prepare? 
  • Transcripts or Student Report Card 

  • Student Card 

  • Curriculum Vitae 

  • Recommendations from lecturers, supervisors, or heads of department  

  • Certificate from competition, organization, volunteer, or award (additional) 

Download CV format and recommendation letter on linktr.ee/bertaniuntuknegeri

What activities during program?
  • Students will improve soft skills, business skills, and agriculture skills according to standards.
  • Students will apply their knowledge to share and lead agriculture development projects.
  • Students will assist and have a direct impact on farmers welfare.
  • Students will collaborate with farmers to increase agricultural productivity.
  • Students will be trained to improve their skills and knowledge before entering the field.
What kind of benefits for students after join program?
  • Monthly earnings

  • Transportation fees are covered.

  • Students get training and guidance to improve hard and soft skills during the program.

  • Build a professional portfolio and get an accredited certificate from Kemendikbudristekdikti for future careers.

  • Pride and self-satisfaction for serving and creating a good impact on farmers

Can student join for the program if they didn’t have professional experience or accademic award? 

Bertani Untuk Negeri is open to every student in the 5th semester or above at the university.

How about transportation & accommodation during program?

Participants will receive a monthly allowance during the program to maintain their daily needs and transportation ticket to the location. 

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