ZeroStunting, the “Family's Frontline” to Reduce Stunting Rates: A Synergy between Edufarmers and Nestlé Indonesia

02 Jul 2024

Celebrating National Family Day on June 29, ZeroStunting, an initiative of Edufarmers continues to support the government's program to reduce the prevalence of stunting in Indonesia. Through the provision of animal protein in the form of chicken eggs, ZeroStunting invites Indonesian families to apply the principle of "one egg per day (one day one egg)" for optimal child development. 

100 Days of Nutrition Assistance: Collaboration for Better Nutrition 

In line with the aims of the program, ZeroStunting received full support from PT Nestlé Indonesia in organizing the "100 Days of Nutrition Assistance" program. This program aims to improve the protein and nutrition needs of toddlers through the provision of 1 milk and 1 egg every day for 100 days to toddlers aged 1-5 years. In addition, the program also provides comprehensive nutrition education to participating mothers, cadres, and village midwives. Through online and offline educational workshops presented by Prof. Ali Khomsan - Professor of Food and Nutrition from Bogor Agricultural University, the program equips parents and cadres with knowledge about nutrition, growth and development, and child health.  

The Real Impact of 1 Milk and 1 Egg 

The "100 Days of Nutrition Assistance" program has yielded encouraging results. In the three main intervention areas, namely Batang District, Pasuruan District, and Karawang District, the severe stunting rate was significantly reduced by 28%. Ms. Sri Hariyati, one of the program participants from Batang District, Central Java, revealed that the program has had a tremendous impact on her child.

"Alhamdulillah, I am very happy to join the 100 Days of Nutrition Assistance program. My child's weight increased from 9.3 kg to 10.6 kg, and his height increased from 79.5 cm to 87 cm," she said. "My child also looks more active, healthy, and smart. Thank you very much PT Nestlé Indonesia and ZeroStunting for holding this program, hopefully it will always be successful in the future." 

The success of 100 Days of Nutrition Assistance is a clear evidence of PT Nestlé Indonesia's commitment in supporting  Edufarmers through the ZeroStunting program to jointly reduce the prevalence of stunting in Indonesia. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all parties involved in this program, especially Prof. Ali Khomsan as the team of Professors of Food and Nutrition of IPB, the local government, the Family Empowerment and Welfare Movement Team (TP PKK), and the cadres who collaborated in nutrition education and intervention to the beneficiary families.  

Quoting Ms. Eka Hardiana, Corporate Nutritionist of PT Nestlé Indonesia in the press release last June 2024, "We are committed to continue supporting programs aimed at improving the nutrition and health of Indonesian children. We believe that cross-sector collaboration is key to achieving this goal."

Edufarmers' Commitment through ZeroStunting for the Future  

In order to reduce the prevalence of stunting, ZeroStunting has conducted nutrition intervention and education in 10 cities, 44 villages and 157 posyandu in Indonesia with 5 cooperation partners through the distribution of 132,000 eggs to 1,158 beneficiaries and 154 posyandu cadres throughout 2023. Building on the success of 2023, Zero Stunting is committed to developing and expanding the program through strengthening community training and creating a digital ecosystem so that the public can contribute to realizing #ZeroStunting in Indonesia.  

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