Who are we?

Edu Farmers International Foundation

Since 2015, Edufarmers has evolved its mission, intertwining agriculture and nutrition. In 2021, we initiated a dual-pronged approach, aiding the government in reducing stunting rates and addressing challenges faced by Indonesian farmers. Our programs equip farmers with knowledge and skills while recognizing the vital link between nutrition and agriculture. Through workshops and collaborations, we strive for sustainable farming and improved health outcomes, fostering holistic development in both agriculture and the well-being of stunted children in Indonesia.

Our Vision

Edufarmers is a non-profit organization with a vision to improve the four pillars of food security (Availability, Sustainability, Access, and Utilization) through two main programs​

Our Missions

1. Combining availability and sustainability through training, research, and ecosystem-building programs in the agriculture sector to increase smallholder farmers' productivity and income.​

Our Missions

2. Combining access and utilization through a stunting prevention program that focuses on specific interventions to increase the adequacy of nutrition, education, and other agriculture-based programs​.

Agriculture Program
Stunting Prevention Program

Our stunting prevention program, ZeroStunting, is a program that focuses on specific interventions to increase nutrition intake and sensitive interventions in education and communication for behavior change, health monitoring, and agriculture-based development programs for MSME. 

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Our Impact

Our efforts yield tangible and quantifiable benefits for farmers, youth, and stunted children all around Indonesia.


Youths Empowered


Farmers Empowered






eggs distributed to stunting children


beneficiaries helped


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The highlight of our milestone


Edufarmers was founded under the name Japfa Foundation as a professional foundation that runs its social mission through four pillars: education, food, sports, and disaster response


Japfa Foundation shifted its focus towards education and training to improve the productivity and income of smallholder farmers


Bertani Untuk Negeri (BUN) was first conducted in Jawa Barat to 11 farmers and 16 fresh graduates


Japfa Foundation officially changed its name to Edu Farmers International Foundation


Receive funding support from Google.org to expand program types and scope, Establish Knowledge Center, Carry out agriculture-based stunting prevention program


Held the biggest Agritech Conference in Indonesia: Agrinnovation Conference 2023

Our Intervention Program
Our Team
Yahja Djanggola


Amri Ilmma

Chief Operating Officer / COO

Denny Ramelan

Vice President Partnership

Ignatius Egan Jonathan

Head of Product

Yos Fahleza Rahmatullah

Head of Business & Channel Development

Felix Limanjaya

Head of Stunting Prevention Program