Training of Trainers: Innovative Climate Risk Financing Project for Agricultural Sector in ASEAN

28 Jun 2024

To improve farmers’ access to resilience-enhancing and gender-responsive climate risk finance, Edufarmers together with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zudammenarbeit (GIZ) GmBH) held financial management training to increase cocoa farmer trainers' awareness and responsiveness due to facing cocoa production conditions in climate change. Training was held on 20th-22nd  May 2024 in Palu, Central Sulawesi, also provided training in agricultural practices based on GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards. 

As a major source of livelihood for small-scale farmers in Central Sulawesi, cocoa plays a significant role. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, cocoa production has experienced a decline in quality due to the lack of access to knowledge in management and marketing faced by farmers due to climate change. 

During the three-day training, each cocoa farmer trainer received a basic financial module to serve as a foundation for their participation in training activities. Providing the module also becomes a reference for cocoa farmer trainers to carry out trials directly at agricultural locations with cocoa farmer participants who have been determined by Edufarmers & GIZ. The activity, which lasted for 3 days, encouraged critical thinking and awareness among cocoa farmer trainers about the importance of financial management for cocoa productivity. 

Through the training, trainers gained knowledge of financial management and sustainable agricultural practices to improve cocoa quality and productivity in the face of climate change. With in-depth understanding and acquired skills, trainers are expected to spread knowledge to other cocoa farmers for their welfare in the future. 

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