Tips for Choosing Rice Varieties

As a rice farmer with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Hariyono has successfully cultivated a 7,000-square-meter area by planting suitable and superior rice varieties. The farming business, passed down from his father, has driven Mr. Hariyono to maximize the potential of rice cultivation. When selecting rice varieties, this farmer from Ngawi often tries each variety to measure the level of success and suitability of the rice planted in his fields. Certainly, in determining the right rice varieties, there have been both successes and failures. Mr. Arum, the coordinator of IN2SIP Balitkabi Ngawi, explains several things to consider when choosing rice varieties to prevent farmers from experiencing crop failures. Furthermore, Mr. Hariyono and Mr. Arum will share the proper steps in determining rice varieties for maximum harvest results. What aspects should be considered when choosing rice varieties? How do you determine the right rice varieties? Follow the complete story and find inspiration in the field through the video above!

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