Tips for Choosing Coffee Beans

Immersing himself in the coffee business was an unexpected journey for Satrea Amambi. It began with assisting his mother, a retired civil servant, and this man from Bandung, West Java, was driven to utilize the pension money by purchasing a coffee plantation as a source of family income. Gradually, starting from cultivating the land, determining the type of coffee to be planted, and marketing the results internationally, leading to success, Satrea now owns a 100-hectare coffee plantation, assisted by a group of farmers to cultivate his family's coffee plantation under the name "Wanoja Coffee." Over the course of eight years of managing the coffee business, Satrea has certainly faced challenges in building his coffee business. The learning process, discussions, and branding with various coffee communities in Bandung that Satrea has been a part of serve as his reference to continually improve the quality and quantity of coffee. What are the things to consider when processing quality coffee? How do you choose the right type of coffee bean to plant? What is the care involved in managing a coffee plantation? Watch the complete story in the inspirational field video above!

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