Tips for Building an Agritech Startup

30 Jun 2023

As a country rich in natural resources, Indonesia encourages entrepreneurs to develop new innovations in the agricultural sector. One of the innovations that is currently developing is the agritech startup, which combines technology with agriculture as a business opportunity to advance the sector through more efficient management of human resources and costs.

In running an agritech startup business, it is necessary for business activists to collaborate with certain parties or partners in order to achieve the desired targets. Here are some tips for building an agritech startup business:

Determine Vision Mission

The first step for entrepreneurs is to set a vision and mission that will guide them in running a business program. By having a clear vision and mission, both entrepreneurs and business partners can have the same understanding of the goals and impact that startup companies want to achieve.


Conduct a SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) needs to be carried out to develop effective strategies for dealing with challenges in the business ecosystem.


Designing Business Models
Designing an effective business model will assist entrepreneurs in providing and creating innovations that can have a positive impact. Several aspects that must be considered in designing a business model include business planning, production budget, human resources, and business activities.


Innovation is key in the agritech startup business. Entrepreneurs need to find new solutions that can overcome existing problems in the agricultural sector. By discovering new things, agritech startups can develop the right products and solutions to meet market needs.


Doing Market Research
Market research is needed so that startup companies know the types of commodities that are currently needed or favored by the public. Through market research, startups, as service providers, can combine several commodities so that market demand is met.


Observation of Farmers and the Environment
In changing the agricultural sector, startup entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the social and physical aspects of the agricultural environment. This is important so that the innovations developed can be accepted by farmers and are in accordance with the values that exist in that environment.


Education and Training
Empowerment in the form of education and training for farmers is needed so that the processing and transportation of agricultural products can run efficiently. In addition, both companies and farmers share knowledge and experience to improve a more advanced agricultural sector.

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