Stunting Prevention Program

Santosa untuk Anak Nusantara (SAN)

Since 2022, Edufarmers has been implementing a stunting prevention program through the improvement of nutritious food consumption, education, and agriculture-based programs.

Trough the "One Day One Egg" campaign, SAN provides subsidized eggs to children with stunting as one of the supporting steps to accelerate the reduction of stunting prevalence in Indonesia. 

Your support can create a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children through our innovative stunting prevention program. 

Join us as we rewrite the narrative of stunting, one egg at a time.

Santosa untuk Anak Nusantara (SAN)

Our innovative stunting prevention program aims to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of children who are at risk of stunting or already experiencing its effects. Through a carefully designed program mechanism, we provide a vital resource to these young individuals: one egg per day for a duration of 6 months.

We collect and validate data on stunted infants, engage local stakeholders, procure top-quality eggs from farmers, and ensure their delivery to program locations. Monitoring progress and empowering caregivers through workshops, we continuously evaluate and improve.

Unlock the Power of Impact: Empowering Generations through Stunting Intervention

Empowering Education: Delivering timely reminder messages and educational insights to parents, we equip them with essential knowledge on nutrition, health, effective parenting, and more. Together, we pave the way for informed choices and empowered caregiving.

Comprehensive Monitoring: Our diligent monitoring efforts encompass crucial aspects such as egg consumption, health status, height, and weight. By closely tracking these vital metrics, we ensure that each child receives the nourishment and care they deserve.

Personalized Support: We believe in the power of connections. Through our dedicated WhatsApp consultation service, parents can seek guidance from our facilitators, addressing their concerns and receiving personalized assistance whenever needed.

Data-Driven Insights: Our program thrives on data analysis. By processing comprehensive reports, we gain valuable insights into the program's effectiveness, allowing us to continuously improve and optimize our interventions for maximum impact.

Transparent Progress Tracking: Every milestone matters. With meticulous recording and visualization of all child development and growth data within our user-friendly dashboard, we ensure transparency, accountability, and a comprehensive view of each child's journey.