Opportunities and Challenges of Agritech in Indonesia through the Agrinnnovation Conference

14 Feb 2023

Jakarta, 12 January 2023 – Edufarmers, a non-profit agriculture organization collaboration with online media that focuses on news and analysis of the technology industry and startups in Asia, Tech in Asia, will hold an agritech conference entitled Agrinnovation Conference with theme “The Rise of Agritech to Enhance Food Security". Agrinnovation Conference, which is aimed at activists and business actors in the agricultural and agritech sectors will be held on March 15, 2023 at Menara Mandiri, Jakarta.

A number of practitioners from government, agritech, venture capital, and communities in the agricultural industry will be speakers at this conference. They will discuss a variety of topics and current insights around new technologies, business opportunities, and innovative ideas in the agritech realm.

The speakers who will attend include:

  • Co-founder & CTO Koltiva Furqonuddin Ramdhani,
  • CEO & Co-founder Crowde Yohanes Sugihtononugroho,
  • CEO Eratani Andrew Soeherman,
  • and others.

Some of the topics that will be discussed on the main stage of this conference are:

1. Decoding million dollars opportunities of the rising Agritech sector

Dissecting agritech problems, developments, and opportunities in Indonesia from the perspective of startup actors.


2. Accessibility in Agriculture: Building technology that matters

Discusses accessibility issues in the agricultural sector and how agritech startups integrate related technologies into the solutions offered.

Agrinnovation Conference will also be enlivened by an agritech startup exhibition titled Startup Village. There are 30 early-stage agritech startups with a focus on livestock and agricultural commodities that will showcase their products and services. Participants from the community, startups, investors, and media crews can further explore the products and services of the exhibition's startups.

"We hope that the Agrinnovation Conference can be held as a forum for meeting all key players in the agricultural and technology sectors to jointly strengthen food security in Indonesia through cross-sectoral collaboration, knowledge sharing through best practices from each speaker and with product and service innovation. In addition, Agrinnovation Conference is also expected to inspire young generations as future agricultural leaders," said Edufarmers Chief Operating Officer, Amri Ilmma.

In addition to participating in the exhibition, 30 related startups had the opportunity to make presentations from the main stage of the conference. There will be 6 selected startups that get the opportunity and gain more exposure and connect exclusively with investors, technology and business leaders, and the Tech in Asia editorial team.

More information and agenda about the Agrinnovation Conference can be accessed here:

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