Indonesia Will Facing El Nino, What Should We Do?

31 Jul 2023

The dry season has arrived in Indonesia, while El Nino has caused rising water temperatures in the central to eastern Pacific Ocean. El Nino is expected to increase from August to September 2023, according to BMKG. El Nino conditions in Indonesia are additionally aided by IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) conditions, resulting in dryness throughout the dry season. Drought has a major influence on all life on Earth, especially the agricultural sector, which serves as a food supply. 

Plants' condition during El Nino is projected to be poor due to a lack of water availability and high temperatures, which produce food circumstances that are less than optimal, such as tiny size and unpleasant flavor. Farmers must also re-adjust their planting timetable owing to the El Nino phenomenon, which will interrupt the planting season.

Animal farm livestock will suffer from heat stress as a result of El Nino's high temperatures. As a result, animals lose weight, energy, and hunger, which has an impact on future livestock output. Furthermore, cattle have been dehydrated owing to a shortage of water.

Government is optimizing all domains and sectors to maximize their capacity in coping with the El Nino phenomena, as well as creating preemptive and adaptive procedures to assure food security, health, and the economy. Both the people and the government must work together to find a sustainable solution to the El Nino phenomenon.

Following are some methods to ensure food security during the El Nino phenomenon:

  1. Increase food stocks to reduce food shortage.

  2. As an alternative, diversify meals based on season circumstances.

  3. Learn how to handle illnesses and pests, as well as how to conserve water, in order to be more efficient.

  4. Weather should be monitored on a frequent basis utilizing technology and information.

  5. Building roofed cages and installing blowers in livestock enclosures to keep animals comfortable Create a backup water reservoir.

The El Nino phenomena may be dealt with collaboratively using these measures to ensure food security. It is critical for many parties to be aware of and take action in dealing with the El Nino phenomena so that it may be managed effectively.



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