Head of Agricultural Education Center and MSIB visit the Maize Commodity Bertani Untuk Negeri Program

31 Oct 2022

Haryo Kusuma Wibawa, Head of MSIB Batch 3 Kemendikbudristekdikti RI, and Dr. Ida Widi Arsanti, Head of the Agricultural Education Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, along with the team, visted Sigi and Donggala, Central Sulawesi, on October 5 and 6. This visit is intended to allow direct monitoring of MBKM program activities.

"The MSIB team is extremely impressed with Edufarmers' BUN activities, as I view this type of field school as a means of transferring knowledge from student to farmers. Consequently, it is hoped that agricultural products that have undergone this process will exhibit a significant increase in productivity " said Haryo Kusuma Wibawa. 

Dr. Ida Widi Arsanti was also thrilled to witness the implementation of the Farming for the Country program for corn commodities in Sigi and Donggala. 

"Of course, we at the Ministry of Agriculture are thrilled to be able to observe Batch 5 Farming for the Country's activities.  I see the potential for collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Edufarmers, particularly since the location of this program which is Center of Sulawesi is a buffer zone for the new capital city food requirements. Immediately following this visit, the Ministry of Agriculture team will discuss and finalize the program collaboration's overall concept with Edufarmers. Hopefully, this type of activity will continue to be developed in order to hasten the expansion of agriculture and food in Indonesia "explains Dr. Ida Widi Arsanti. 

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