Growing Knowledge, Empowering Communities: Edu Farmers International Foundation Introduces Edufarmers Learning Center

31 May 2024

Jakarta, 14th May 2024 – Edu Farmers International Foundation or Edufarmers, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing Indonesia's agricultural sector,proudly announces the launch of the Edufarmers Learning Center (ELC). ELC is an innovative and comprehensive e-learning platform designed to foster knowledge and empower communities, paving the way to a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future. 

To formalize the launch of ELC, Edufarmers held an exclusive event on May 14 2024 which aimed at introducing ELC and was attended by 19 media, students and partners from the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. The event opened with the reintroduction of Edufarmers by Amri Ilmma as Chief Operating Officer of Edufarmers. Then continued with a talk show session and demo session related to the Edufarmers Learning Center with Ignatius Egan Jonatan as Head of Agri Services Edufarmers. 

“ELC is designed as an integrated platform for everyone,  not just farmers, including those interested in agriculture and beginners in this industry. Edufarmers currently also provides education through the Farming program and Plaza Bertani which is carried out directly in the field, apart from that it is also available on social media platforms for easy access. However, ELC is designed with various interesting features that support education, in other words it is like a one stop platform that focuses on agriculture. "The main features that can now be accessed are courses, libraries, articles and wikis," said Ignatius Egan Jonatan. 

ELC provides various online courses designed to provide an engaging and effective learning experience. These courses combines a variety of learning methods, such as video tutorials, comprehensive reading materials, and interactive quizzes. The topics offered are varied, ranging from cultivating various agricultural commodities, raising broiler chickens, to basic data analysis. 

ELC features a library and informative articles carefully curated to keep up with the latest trends, tips and best practices in agriculture. The ELC Library offers agricultural scientific modules and journals from the latest research carried out by Edufarmers researchers. Meanwhile, the article feature focuses on sharing information, news and practical ways of farming. 

As the next step, soon ELC will launch an independent and trusted agricultural product review feature, helping users take proper decisions regarding selecting agricultural products that suit their specific needs. 

"We were greatly helped by the existence of this ELC, Edufarmers provided a lot of inspiration and solutions to the agricultural problems we faced. We hope ELC will get bigger and have more impact on farmers like us. Thank you Edufarmers," said Suhariyono, Mojokerto Corn Farmer as one of the farmers who had experienced the ELC learning experience during the trial period. 

ELC is not just an ordinary e-learning platform, but also a community that aims to connect and empower stakeholders in the agricultural sector. ELC provides collaboration space and various other opportunities to help its members develop and optimize their potential. 

By providing easier access to the knowledge and skills needed, Edufarmers believes that ELC can have a significant positive impact on Indonesia's agricultural sector, with the hope of increasing productivity, farmer incomes and encouraging Indonesian agricultural innovation. 

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