Graduation Ceremony and Welcome to Farming for Countries 7 and 8

28 Mar 2024

Since the Bertani Untuk Negeri program was launched in 2020, Bertani Untuk Negeri has now stepped into its 8th batch. The program, aimed at agricultural students, aims to provide practical experience and direct learning in the field of agricultural sector management alongside partnered farmers. In addition to practical experience and direct learning, students receive training in skills and abilities to boost agricultural productivity. 

Throughout the Bertani Untuk Negeri program, there has been a consistent increase in applicants for each batch. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the collaborative program with Internship Together Free Campus 6 (MBKM MSIB 6) recorded 3167 applicants from 269 public and private universities across Indonesia. 

Through the registration and selection process, a total of 258 participants have been selected for Bertani Untuk Negeri 8, which will run from February to June 2024. Participants in Bertani Untuk Negeri 8 are spread across four commodities and one project, with 72 participants in chili, 72 in corn, 52 in cocoa, 52 in coffee, and 10 in the project specialist category for cacao development (in collaboration with MARS). 

The inauguration of Bertani Untuk Negeri 8 participants and the graduation of Bertani Untuk Negeri 7 participants were held online on Tuesday, February 20, 2024. The event began with speeches and appreciation from Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers, to the 333 Bertani Untuk Negeri 7 participants who successfully completed their internship programs in their respective areas and commodities. Through his speech, Amri Ilmma emphasized that the internship experience should serve as a foundation to support future careers and skills. He also extended congratulations and encouragement to all Bertani Untuk Negeri 8 participants for the months ahead. 

The next speech was delivered by Pradiasti Ayu, People and Organization Business Partner from MARS, who positively welcomed the collaboration between Edufarmers and MARS on the Project Specialist-CCacao Development Program for the first time. Through the activities of Bertani Untuk Negeri 8, MARS strongly supports the empowerment of young people to build cocoa farming together. She believes that the involvement of young people in advancing agriculture can revive Indonesia's cocoa production center on the international stage. 

Following the speeches, Bertani Untuk Negeri 8 was officially opened by Evaulia, the MC from Edufarmers, with Rofhik Azhar (Gunadarma University) and Yuliana Gekeng Grace Kedang (National University) representing the participants. After the opening ceremony, Edufarmers announced the Best FDA BUN 7 from each commodity. The impressions and messages from the Best FDA BUN 7 were represented by Samuel Sitorus from the cocoa commodity and Syifa’ Urrohmah from the corn commodity. 

For Samuel, participating in the Bertani Untuk Negeri program is a significant achievement in his life. Throughout the program, he experienced personal development and gained knowledge in the field through discussions with farmers. He found farm experience activities particularly exciting, as they encouraged him to engage in discussions and solve problems in the field with other FDA participants. 

Similar to Samuel, Syifa’ also gained valuable experience during the Bertani Untuk Negeri program. Thanks to her participation, she felt a personal drive to innovate solutions to agricultural problems. Through the Bertani Untuk Negeri program, she gained positive energy from partnered farmers and other FDA participants during the activities. 

In addition to the Best FDA BUN 7, the MC also announced the best farmers in each commodity. The impressions and messages were represented by Pirma Silaban as a coffee farmer and Teti Sutina as a chili farmer. During the BUN program, Mr. Pirman felt that coffee productivity increased due to the field schools held with the FDA. Similarly, Mrs. Teti, as a chili farmer, felt assisted by discussions and knowledge sharing with FDA participants, which helped improve the harvested chili yield. 

After announcing the Best FDA BUN 7 and Best Farmers, a video of the graduation ceremony for Bertani Untuk Negeri 7 participants was shown as a symbol of success for the activities undertaken over the past 5 months. Then, as a symbolic gesture to pass the torch from BUN 7 to BUN 8, represented by Samuel Sitorus (BUN 7), it was handed over to Yuliana Gekeng Grace Kedang (BUN 8). The event continued with the reading of participants' vows, represented by Rofhik Azhar, and cheers to invigorate the atmosphere for all participants. 

As the event approached its end, participants remained enthusiastic about participating in a gaming session led by the MC. During the games, participants competed to answer correctly to win prizes. After three winners were announced, the event concluded with a documentation session.

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