Graduation and Opening Ceremony of Bertani Untuk Negeri 6 & 7

18 Aug 2023

The younger generation is critical to the advancement of the agricultural sector for a better future. Agriculture in Indonesia, being a critical sector, requires greater involvement from the younger generation. They can contribute to and care for the sector in order to assure food supply and security. To efficiently manage the agricultural sector, the younger generation must have knowledge, technology, skills, and practices, which can be obtained by participating in the 'Bertani Untuk Negeri' program.

Edufarmers' 'Bertani Untuk Negeri' program is for active students of agriculture, animal husbandry, plantation, and allied study programs. The curriculum provides students with practical and experiential learning opportunities in the field, which will help them build careers in the future. 

This program, which runs from August to December 2023, has sparked a lot of interest among Indonesian students. In collaboration with Kemendikbudristekdikti, the program is associated with the 'Magang Bersama Kampus Merdeka 5' (MBKM MSIB 5) initiative. From May to July 2023, the registration and selection process drew 2548 applications from 261 universities. With each batch, the number of applicants for 'Bertani Untuk Negeri' has steadily increased.

Following the registration and selection processes, Edufarmers announced on August 2, 2023, that 340 participants were selected to take part in 'Bertani Untuk Negeri 7.' This group consists of 72 maize participants, 60 cocoa participants, 60 coffee participants, 48 chili participants, 60 layer participants, and 40 broiler participants. Those who successfully join the program will receive an asynchronous bootcamp to enhance their knowledge and skills before being deployed to their respective placement areas for each commodity.

The participants of BUN 7, along with the BUN 6 participants who had completed their program, attended an online ceremony titled 'Graduation & Opening BUN 6 & 7' on Thursday, August 10, 2023. The event commenced with remarks and appreciation from Yahja Djanggola, the Chairman of Edufarmers, who acknowledged the achievements of 255 BUN 6 participants and 43 Polbangtan-PEPI students. They had successfully completed the program, working alongside 1420 farmers. He extended his congratulations and encouragement to the 340 participants of BUN 7, who are about to embark on 5 months of field activities alongside 1480 farmers.

Similar sentiments of appreciation were conveyed by Jihad Wafda Qahhar Al-Masyihda, the MSIB Partnership Program Coordinator at Kemendikbudristekdikti. He congratulated both the BUN 6 and 7 participants for being selected to join the MSIB internship program. During the graduation and welcoming ceremony, Wafiq witnessed the high enthusiasm and heard exciting stories from the Bertani Untuk Negeri 6 participants about their internship experiences. This success is a testament to the consistent quality and reliability of Edufarmers' programs. He advised the BUN 7 participants to maintain the same level of commitment throughout their internships, eagerly anticipating the stories and excitement that the next 5 months will bring.

Debby Arthi Lacavandhy from Kementerian Pertanian RI also expressed her appreciation for the 43 Polbangtan-PEPI students who had successfully completed internships, assisting farmers in chili, broiler, and maize commodities. She hopes that both alumni and BUN participants will continue to learn and view their internship experiences as valuable assets for the future.

After the remarks, the symbolic inauguration of BUN 7 took place, conducted by Yahja Djanggola, who was joined by two representatives from BUN 7: Muhammad Babul and Julia Rizki Amalia. The event proceeded with the announcement of the top 26 participants from each commodity. Two representatives of the best participants shared their speeches and experiences during their internships. Yosep Prada Agung Sihotang and Wafiq Siti Nur Pajriyah conveyed their positive impressions and insights from the BUN 6 program. They encouraged the incoming participants to maximize their potential and engage actively until the final day of their internships.

As a coffee participant in BUN 6, Yosep developed communication and problem-solving skills during his field activities. He assisted five farmers, sharing his knowledge and helping them solve challenges they encountered. Yosep's experience enabled him to develop targeted solutions to enhance coffee productivity and production.

Similarly, Wafiq, a BUN 6 broiler participant, noted various personal improvements, including enhanced self-confidence, time management, independence, and adaptability to new environments. Throughout the program, Wafiq was delighted to interact with experts, breeders, and peers from universities across Indonesia. Despite being far from her home and campus, this experience encouraged Wafiq to become more independent and adaptable. Through activities such as assisting breeders and monitoring broiler cages, she gained confidence and improved her time management skills during the internship. These experiences contributed to her increased discipline and goal-setting. Wafiq advised BUN 7 participants to actively engage in all activities, aiming to maximize their skills and gain valuable experience and knowledge throughout the program.

Finally, Yosep Prada Agung Sihotang, representing BUN 6, passed a symbolic stick to Julia Rizki Amalia, representing BUN 7, to symbolize the transfer of duty.

The celebration was capped off with a group photo.

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