news donates $1.24 million to help strengthen food security in Indonesia

30 Nov 2022, a philanthropic organization owned by Google, announced a US$724,490 grant to the Edu Farmers International Foundation to support research and improvement awareness on how to increase production yields in the agricultural sector, as well as teach business and soft-skills to future leaders in agriculture.


"We always cooperate with the governments of Indonesia in facing the risks of climate change. As a philanthropic organization, works to support underserved communities by engaging non-profit organizations. We want to contribute to the world with data-driven information. We use resources in three approaches: philanthropic approach, products, and skill-based volunteers, especially for Google employees," said Mrs. Putri Alam as Director Government Affairs & Public Policy, Google Indonesia.


Significant gains can be achieved through strengthening food systems. The trick is to increase knowledge and share best practices between farmers.


In Indonesia, Edufarmers will use funding to work with farmers to adopt innovative practices and technologies to maximize yields, in close coordination with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture.


“It is an honor for Edufarmers to receive a grant from Through this grant, Edufarmers will work to improve food security in Indonesia through R&D to increase agricultural productivity, development of training modules and videos on agricultural technical skills and soft-skills training and development programs for farmers and youth, as well as conferences agri-innovation to support farmer regeneration to youth and accelerate the use of agricultural technology,” said Amri Ilmma, Chief Operating Officer, Edufarmers.


According to Amri Ilmma, agricultural technology reform in Indonesia can be identified through its application, such as mechanization, productivity levels, and the focus of its technological implementation such that it is linked to agricultural equipment that analyzes agricultural variables.


Regarding agricultural technology reform in Indonesia, Amri Ilmma said that agricultural technology reform in Indonesia can be seen through its utilization such as mechanization, productivity levels, and the focus of its implementation in the digital world so that it is connected to agricultural tools that detect agricultural conditions In addition, he noted that agricultural technology reform in Indonesia might make it easier for farmers to manage agricultural activity efficiently and affordably, as well as provide the appropriate guidance for agricultural product preservation.

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