Farming Made Easier by Joining Edufarmers Community

01 Feb 2024

In this ever-evolving digital era, you can now easily initiate farming activities and gain practical agricultural knowledge through the Edufarmers Community on Facebook. As an effective interactive platform, this community group allows you to directly consult with experts, share information, and learn from fellow farmers and livestock breeders. Edufarmers provides a variety of commodity options accessible through the following community groups: 

  1. Urban Farming Community Edufarmers 
  2. Layer Chicken Farming Community Edufarmers 
  3. Broiler Chicken Farming Community Edufarmers 
  4. Rice Farmer Community Edufarmers 
  5. Cocoa Farmer Community Edufarmers 
  6. Coffee Farmer Community Edufarmers 
  7. Corn Farmer Community Edufarmers 
  8. Chili Farmer Community Edufarmers

The benefits you will gain by joining the Facebook community include: 

  1. Up-to-date information on commodities: Group admins will share real-time commodity price information every Monday, keeping you informed about market prices. 
  2. Practical farming knowledge: Access information and inspiration about proper farming practices through Agri-culture Tips and Inspirational Fields videos integrated with Edufarmers' YouTube channel. 
  3. Free consultation on agricultural issues with experts: Upload photos and videos to showcase your land conditions for consultation with Edufarmers' agriculture and livestock experts. The Edufarmers team monitors the community group to respond to incoming questions every week. 
  4. Sharing farming tips and experiences: This community not only provides farming tips from experts but also serves as an interactive platform facilitating discussions among members, allowing the exchange of information, experiences, and farming tips. 
  5. Building relationships with farmers across Indonesia: The Edufarmers Facebook Community, open to farmers, livestock breeders, and agricultural enthusiasts nationwide, is the ideal space to expand your network, connecting members from various regions and supporting a broader exchange of knowledge. 

Want to experience all these benefits? Join the Edufarmers Community now and invite your friends through

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