Exporting Coconut Sugar Internationally: Success Story of a 28-Year-Old Woman with a Ph.D. from UGM

As a young woman eager to develop the potential of her village, Ms. Ella Rizki Farihatul Maftuhah founded PT Nira Lestari International with a focus on utilizing coconut sugar. While pursuing her Ph.D. in chemistry at Gadjah Mada University, Ms. Ella empowers women to become productive sugar farmers. A 480-hectare coconut plantation serves as a livelihood for women involved in the Nira Lestari Women's Group. Since tapping into the potential of coconut sugar, female farmers have seen profits increase up to five times compared to their previous roles as household assistants. One innovative product, coconut flower honey named "Vegan Nectar," has successfully penetrated international markets due to its vegan-friendly nature and safety for diabetes patients. Currently, PT Nira Lestari International has expanded its reach overseas to facilitate the distribution of processed coconut sugar products. In this video, Ms. Ella shares an inspirational story of building a business to enhance the economic status of rural women, along with successful steps in creating beneficial products. Watch the full story above!

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