Empowering Communities: Delivering Breeding Eggs to Achieve #ZeroStunting

03 Nov 2023

To accelerate the reduction of stunting prevalence in Indonesia, SAN (Santosa for Indonesian Children)  in collaboration with PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk and the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, distributed breeding eggs to beneficiaries in Kujangsari Village, Lebak, Banten. 

Breeding eggs were distributed through midwives and cadres to 25 integrated health post (posyandu) cadres, with a total of 144 beneficiaries, including pregnant women, nursing mothers, toddlers, and infants. 

"This is a concrete action in support of the government's efforts to reduce stunting prevalence in Indonesia." This program also represents a good model of collaboration between the business sector, the government, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which can serve as a model for other stakeholders," said Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers. 

The #zerostunting initiative, which consists of providing breeding eggs to beneficiaries in Kujangsari Village, has gotten positive feedback from stakeholders in the Lebak region of Banten.  

"In collaboration with the Edu Farmers International Foundation, this is very beneficial for areas with high stunting rates, This is a genuine effort to combat stunting in a region. We hope that by distributing breeding eggs, we will be able to supply animal protein nutrition and actualize this support in many locations, thereby reducing stunting on a nationwide scale." said Drh. Boethdy Angkasa, M.Si, Coordinator of Processing, Directorate of Livestock Processing and Marketing. 

Reli Yuliatiningsih, A.M.Keb. as the midwife of Kujangsari, Lebak Regency revealed that SAN program really helped Kujangsari Village to reduce stunting rate. Through direct and digital monitoring, children growth & development and pregnant women are well monitored for free. 

"SAN program directly monitors egg distribution through cadres to egg beneficiaries. The delivery of the eggs are well documented through photos and videos to beneficiaries.  Hopefully, SAN program in Kujangsari can reduce the case of 45 stunting children to #zerostuning”, she said. 

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