Edufarmers Joins Kadin's BERES Initiative to Combat Stunting in Indonesia

31 Oct 2023

Edufarmers Joins Kadin's BERES Initiative to Combat Stunting in Indonesia 

The issue of stunting is a collective responsibility for society, institutions, and the government to create a healthy and outstanding generation for the future. Stunting, closely related to a lack of nutritious food and suboptimal child development, will have consequences for their future and that of subsequent generations. 

As an institution with expertise in economics, KADIN leverages its role to encourage various sectors and institutions to jointly combat stunting through the BERES program (Bersama Entaskan Stunting). Stunting management based on economic empowerment and nutrition is considered effective in improving two interrelated sectors. Economic empowerment involves engaging SMEs to provide their food products to beneficiaries through four pillars: health intervention, sustainability, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and internal consolidation. 

"Stunting management and entrepreneurship development are two crucial aspects for us to achieve Indonesia Emas 2045. So, we're not just focusing on stunting but also on how we can empower regional economies. That's also the key," said Yuki Nugrahawan Hanafi, the Acting Chairman of KADIN. 

In addition to empowering SMEs, the BERES program also involves various sectors and institutions to accelerate the reduction of stunting rates. As part of the pentahelix movement, Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers, signed a memorandum of understanding on the World of Business Partnership Program to Reduce Stunting and Extreme Poverty Using the Pentahelix Method on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at the TribunNetwork editorial office. Edufarmers will contribute by providing complete meals for three months to beneficiaries. Through the collaborative BERES program, it is hoped that the stunting rate in Indonesia can decrease by the set target of 14% by the year 2024. 



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