Edufarmers 2023 Impact Report Officially Released!

28 Jun 2024

For nearly 10 years, Edufarmers has been operating in the agricultural sector, making a positive impact on Indonesian agriculture. Through our vision and mission, we achieved increased impact and accomplishments in agricultural productivity in 2023 through programs like Bertani Untuk Negeri, ZeroStunting, Research and Knowledge Development, and collaborations with other partners. 

While running these programs, Edufarmers focused on the four pillars of food security outlined in our visions; availability, sustainability, access, and food utilization. This focus allowed us to reach and expand our accessibility more rapidly than in previous years. 

Beyond increasing impact and productivity, we have also developed successful annual events . The Agrinnovation Conference and Englightenemnt Day are free and open to the public, providing exposure to the world of agriculture, particularly in technology, business, and smart farming. By organizing these events, Edufarmers has significantly enhanced its presence and professionalism in the agricultural sector. 

With support from, we created learning media, including research and educational videos, in various formats (documents, media, and videos). These resources can be accessed for free through the Edufarmers’ website and social media platforms, all aimed at expanding the potential of the agricultural industry. 

In 2024, our focus is on maximizing experimentation and strengthening agricultural capabilities to achieve a positive impact. We are developing an online platform to disseminate agricultural knowledge with educational content. Additionally, we are creating a digital wallet to collect donations to support children’s freedom from stunting and raising public awareness about stunting prevention in Indonesia 

Let’s collaborate to achieve positive goals and make a significant impact on the agricultural sector with Edufarmers. Contact us through  

For further details, access Edufarmers Impact Report 2023 through the following link: 

Impact Report 2023 – Bahasa Indonesia 

Impact Report 2023 - English 

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