Research & Knowledge

Community and Knowledge Sharing

In Edufarmers we have various communities which consist of farmers, farming enthusiasts, agronomists, and other key stakeholders united by their interests in agriculture. We share knowledge sharing within the community and involves the exchange of information, best practices, and innovations through online platform and capacity building. We created free modules, videos and disseminate them online through our YouTube channel, LMS website, and our communities on social media (Facebook) 

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Program Objectives

To facilitate people or smallholder farmers to get access to information/ knowledge that is beneficial for them that can be accessed freely anytime anywhere.

To transfer best practices and innovative techniques among farmers to improve the productivity and efficiency.

To provide opportunities for individuals in developing skill through our learning videos, reading modules and capacity building.


Empowerment of marginalized groups through equitable access to information and opportunities.

Improved productivity, profitability, and resilience for farmers.

Increased collaboration and solidarity among stakeholders.

Promotion of inclusive development within the agricultural sector.

Call for Partnership

Let's partner with us to empower farmers and youth in agriculture. Together, we create opportunities for growth sustainability in agriculture!

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