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Coffee Cultivation Techniques

Coffee is one of the flagship commodities in Indonesia's plantation sector, alongside palm oil, rubber, and cocoa. Coffee plays a crucial role in Indonesia's economy, serving as a source of income for coffee farmers, a source of foreign exchange earnings, a raw material for industry, and a provider of employment opportunities through processing, marketing, and trade (both export and import). Coffee is a plantation product with market opportunities both domestically and internationally. Indonesia is one of the world's significant coffee-producing countries.

Coffee production in Indonesia saw continuous growth from 2017 to 2021. In 2017, production reached 716,000 tons, and in 2021, it reached 774,000 tons (Annur, 2022). This increase in coffee production indicates the strong appeal of coffee among the population. Therefore, coffee cultivation needs to be conducted effectively to meet this high demand.

The importance of the coffee commodity should be a special focus to enhance its productivity, benefiting coffee farmers, stakeholders, and others. Increasing coffee productivity requires expertise from coffee growers. Hence, there is a need for modules that explain coffee cultivation techniques in a user-friendly manner to enhance the knowledge of prospective coffee growers.

Coffee Cultivation Techniques (2.54MB)
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