Appreciation Ceremony by the Regent of Donggala for Edufarmers Foundation and Farmers Development Associate (FDA) Maize Commodity of BUN 5

30 Dec 2022

On Tuesday, December 20th, 2022, Kasman Lassa, Regent of Donggala, expressed gratitude to Edufarmers and Farmers Development Associates (FDA) Bertani Untuk Negeri (BUN) 5 maize commodities. This recognition was presented as agricultural productivity in Donggala and Sigi has improved greatly.

During this event, Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers, provided the Donggala Regent with the following achievement made by batch 5 FDA of the Bertani Untuk Negeri program:

  • 49 students from all over Indonesia (20 in Sigi and 29 in Donggala) and 22 farmer groups (7 in Sigi and 15 in Donggala) participated in the program.

  • 159 farmers (60 in Sigi, 99 in Donggala) actively participated until the end of BUN program

  • 144 ha of land (57 in Sigi, 87 in Donggala) were assisted;

  • The maize demonstration plot at Dolo Barat, Sigi, yielded 7 tons per hectare, allowing farmers throughout Central Sulawesi, particularly in Donggala and Sigi, to replicate.

Kasman Lassa, Regent of Donggala, congratulated Edufarmers and FDA of BUN 5 maize commodity for their outstanding help to the farmers. Farmers in Donggala have benefited from the help offered through the Bertani Untuk Negeri 5 initiative, which has resulted in positive improvements.

"Congratulations to the FDA on completing the Bertani Untuk Negeri 5 program successfully. I believe that Indonesian agriculture will continue to grow, especially with the younger generation constantly fighting for the future of agriculture in Indonesia. I see an increase in productivity and a change in farming behavior for the better," said the Regent of Donggala.

Kasman hopes that his collaboration with Edufarmers in the agricultural sector, especially Donggala Regency, would continue in 2023.

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