Research & Knowledge

Agriculture Research

Real-world research and trials to develop practical practices that smallholders can confidently implement. This includes researching and trialing production inputs, practices, and technologies to establish standardized operating procedures (SOP) aimed at sustainable, maximum yield improvement for crops across all locations. The research itself focuses on adopting advanced techniques such as bio-stimulants, bio-fertilizers, and bio-pesticides as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional chemicals. Furthermore, the implementation of the no-burning method, particularly for corn and rice crop residues, is prioritized to ensure environmental sustainability. 

Program Objectives

Develop farming practices that farmers can confidently implement.

Increase farmers’ productivity sustainably.

Preserve the environment by reducing the use of conventional chemicals.

Achieve high yields responsibly, considering environmental impact.


Increase Crop Yields

Ensure global food security

Preserve natural resources and reducing pollution

Increase Agriculture productivity

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