#1day1egg Campaign at ILDEX 2023: Taking Action to Combat Stunting in Indonesia

29 Sep 2023

In September 2023, stunting remains one of Indonesia's most pressing issues. Stunting is a condition of growth and development failure in children resulting from insufficient nutrition during the first 1000 days of life. Failing to prevent stunting early on can have long-term consequences for a child's future as an adult. According to data from SSGI 2022, a staggering 4.7 million Indonesian children still suffer from stunting. Indonesia has made significant progress in reducing the stunting prevalence rate, which has dropped to 21.6% from the previous 24.4% in 2021. 

Despite yearly reductions in the stunting prevalence rate, Indonesia still falls under the category of chronic stunting areas according to WHO standards. Consequently, President Joko Widodo aims to lower the stunting rate to 14% by 2024. Every year, various initiatives are launched by multiple stakeholders to combat stunting, including efforts to enhance children's nutritional intake. 

As an organization committed to the livestock sector and its utilization, Edufarmers was invited to participate as one of the speakers in a nutrition campaign talk show at ILDEX 2023, focusing on stunting prevention in Indonesia. During this event, educators underscored the critical importance of balanced nutrition for children in preventing stunting. Edufarmers introduced the #1day1egg campaign as an intervention towards achieving Indonesia's goal of #zerostunting. 

The SAN program is actively engaged in the #1day1egg campaign, utilizing eggs to provide essential nutrition for stunting prevention in children. Eggs are rich in animal protein and offer a comprehensive nutritional profile while remaining relatively affordable for the Indonesian population. 

"Fulfilling the need for animal protein is crucial for child development in our pursuit of Indonesia's #zerostunting goal. Eggs, as a pivotal element in stunting prevention, are easily accessible to the community," remarked Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers. 

The #1day1egg initiative provides beneficiaries with one egg per day for a duration of 6 months. Since the inception of the SAN program in 2022, #1day1egg has been implemented in four different regions, benefiting a total of 545 participants, and has made significant progress in gradually reducing stunting rates. 

Concluding the talk show, Amri Ilmma expressed hope that the SAN program would continue to expand its reach across various regions in Indonesia, employing best practices to combat child stunting. 

"Preventing stunting requires tangible actions that encourage beneficiaries to adopt positive habits. Collaboration between the government and stakeholders is essential to ensure that no child in Indonesia suffers from stunting," emphasized Amri Ilmma, COO of Edufarmers. 

In addition to the nutrition campaign talk show, Edufarmers also set up an exhibition booth at ILDEX 2023 to promote awareness of the SAN program and the #1day1egg campaign as part of the effort to prevent stunting in Indonesia.

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