Empowering Farmers, Nurturing Futures

We believe education and technology are the keys to increasing farmer's productivity, and are equally committed to addressing the issue of stunted children in Indonesia.

Plaza Bertani

A physical space for smallholders to meet, share ideas, test new products and experiment with practices.

Bertani Untuk Negeri

Working together with youth to train farmers, to learn and implement good agricultural practices.

Agriculture Research

Real-world research and trials to develop practices that smallholders can confidently apply.

Cooperative & Financing

Developing cooperatives and financing schemes for smallholders by partnering with lenders, including blended finance.

Community and Knowledge Sharing

Offline plus online community that facilitates knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Edufarmers Collaborates with Google.org

Google.org donates $1.24 million to Edufarmers as support for research and improvement awareness about food security in Indonesia.

Agrinnovation Conference 2023

Brings together all stakeholders of domestic agriculture sector, where we discuss how to join agriculture innovation, get exposure, and build a network in Indonesia.

Who We Are

Edufarmers commits in empowering Indonesian smallholder farmers to build a sustainable, productive, and climate-resilient agricultural sector

Indonesian agriculture face challenges related to sustainability, productivity, and farmer livelihoods.


How we build a sustainability

Concentrating on farmers sustainability, we have three main focuses to enhance smallholders farmers productivity: economic development, regenerative agriculture, and climate resilience.

Economic Development

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Regenerative Agriculture

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Climate Resilience

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Our Achievement

In 2023, Edufarmers made substantial progress by accomplishing a number of key objectives that demonstrate our dedication to improving the agriculture sector and combating stunting in Indonesia.


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Partners Involved


We have been working with thousands of farmers and youth in Indonesia.....

Since the program launch in 2020, we have conducted five batches of Bertani Untuk Negeri programs encompassing 7 different commodities in different locations. Going forward in 2023, we will continue to expand the scope and the scale of Bertani Untuk Negeri program to reach more youths and more farmers in different commodities and locations.


farmers empowered (7 commodities: broiler, layer, maize, cocoa, chilli, rice, and coffee in 13 areas)


youth empowered


agricultural research


… and nurturing the dreams of thousands Indonesian children by eradicating stunting.

Our stunting prevention program, SAN, was launched earlier this year. Despite the relatively brief duration since its initiation, we have demonstrated impactful outcomes throughout the year. We remain dedicated to expanding both the scope and scale of our program to work towards the overarching goal of achieving zero stunting in Indonesia.


eggs distributed to stunting children


beneficiaries helped



Our Goal 2024

Together with our partners, we commit to empower 20,000 smallholder farmers with sustainable practices that not only increase yields but also build resilience against climate change, creating a ripple effect of positive change

To date, we have helped over 3000 farmers to promote lasting change in their lives, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals No 2 (Zero Hunger), 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and 13 (Climate Action).


We can't achieve our goals on our own

We work together with every stakeholders where each partner plays a specific role in accelerating progress. 

Let’s work together to enhance the agricultural sector in Indonesia